Government Resources on the Internet
Woodward Library at Austin Peay State University (Tennessee) has a list of resources that represent some of the best available tools for locating texts, statistics, media, and other forms of primary and secondary government information sources from around the globe.

U.S. Department of the Treasury's Internal Revenue Service. is the front door to Oregon's state government. This site was created with the citizen's perspective in mind. Its navigation is organized by customer need or "theme", not by the state's organizational structure. No longer will citizens need to know which state agency provides a particular service or type of information in order to find what they need.

Oregon Electronic Titles (OrNet)
OrNET is a monthly listing of new titles added to the Oregon Documents Repository, March 2006-January 2015.  Titles are listed by the month they are added to the Repository.

Oregon Revised Statues - 2015 Edition
The Oregon Revised Statues are the codified laws of the State of Oregon.  The ORS is published every two years. Each edition incorporates all laws, and changes to laws, enacted by the Legislative Assembly through the odd-numbered year regular session referenced in the volume titles for that edition.

Oregon State Archives
Links on the Oregon State Archives public information server, including Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) and the Oregon Blue Book.

Oregon State Library
Mission - The State Library provides leadership and resources to continue growing vibrant library services for Oregonians with print disabilities, the Legislature and state government, and all Oregonians through local libraries.

US Federal Government Agencies Directory is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state, and local government web resources and services.


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