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Libraries provide – countywide | LearningExpress: online learning tools @ your library

By Erin McCusker For the East Oregonian Jan 25, 2020

Libraries in Oregon provide a suite of online databases through a statewide database licensing program from
the State Library of Oregon. In the Umatilla County Special Library District, you can use your library card and
access the suite of resources at your library or from the comfort of your home. At the library, you also have
knowledgeable library staff members who can help you get hold of this authoritative and reliable information.

For this month’s column, I am highlighting one of the databases — EBSCO LearningExpress Library. This
database offers a wide-ranging collection of educational resources for those in schools, careers or who are
lifelong learners, including online practice tests, skills building for math, reading and writing, computer skills
tutorials, e-books and career development tools.

The database is organized into the following targeted learning centers:

Adult Core Skills: Offers resources to improve basic communication skills, as well as how to become a U.S.

Career Preparation: If you are looking for a job, wanting to improve or learn new workplace skills or learn
more about a career, this is the learning center to start with. It also includes the resources to join the military
or become an officer and to prepare for an entrance or occupation exam.

Job & Career Accelerator: Resources for the job seeker — job listings, career resources, resume and cover letter
writing tools and instruction.

College Admissions Test Preparation: There is no need to purchase a book to study for your college admission
test and essay writing. The LearningExpress Library has test preparation resources for the following tests: ACT,

College Students: If you are a college student and need to improve your skills in science, math and reading,
there are reviews in this learning center to help you do just that. Plus, there are preparation resources for
college placement exams and graduate school admissions exams.

High School Equivalency Center: Use this database for building basic high school skills and to prepare for the
GED test in English or Spanish.

School Center: If you homeschool or want extra support for your elementary, middle school or high school
students, this center provides the resources to enhance learning.

Computer Skills Center: Basic computer and internet tutorial videos get a learner started. Then, there are
video tutorials on Microsoft Office tools, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and Windows and Mac operating systems.

Recursos para Hispanohablantes: This center provides Spanish language resources, for improving math,
reading, writing, speaking skills, earning a GED or becoming a U.S. citizen.

With your library card, you have access to these easy-to-use, interactive tutorials, e-books and test preparation
practices, as well as skill building courses and exercises. Ask at your library or visit for access to all of the online resources available to you.


Erin McCusker is the district director of the Umatilla County Special Library District. Read her column, Libraries Provide –
Countywide!, the last weekend of the month. Contact McCusker at 541-276-6449, or visit…-

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