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Libraries Provide — Countywide! | Celebrate our libraries during National Library Week

By Erin McCusker, Umatilla County Special Library District - Apr 25, 2020

National Library Week celebrates libraries and promotes library use and support for libraries. When the
American Library Association developed the theme for this year, they originally chose “Find Your Place at the
Library.” With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the theme was changed to “Find the Library At Your

First observed in 1958, National Library Week is sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and
celebrated in libraries across the country each April. All types of libraries — school, public, academic and
special — participate. Check with your library to see what they had planned.

National Library Week is a time each year to celebrate all of the ways our libraries contribute to our
communities and offer opportunity to everyone. From free access to books, audiobooks, music, magazines and
movies, online resources, programs for all ages, internet access and resources for job seekers, entrepreneurs
and lifelong learners, library staff members go above and beyond to make sure people get the information they
need to flourish.

The theme of “find the library at your place” is illuminating how libraries are offering virtual services and
digital content that Umatilla County communities need to support learning, information access and to
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As libraries continue to evolve their services to deal with the impact of the pandemic, library staff members are
proving innovative, creative and flexible. Even though many of the libraries are closed to foot traffic, they are
still a vibrant source of information, free access to abundant online e-books, e-audiobooks, virtual storytimes,
programs and activities. If you have a question, the library is still available to help you find an answer. Check
their websites, call their desks or see their Facebook pages. For the links, go to

Some things that people can do to find the library at their place: Send a thank you note to your librarian; check
out the library’s website and Facebook offerings; explore amazing library collections online
utm_source=ILL&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=nlw20ko); and go on a virtual tour of
libraries around the world (…?

Your library may be closed to foot traffic, but it is still providing access to a world of information, books and


Erin McCusker is the district director of the Umatilla County Special Library District. She writes a regular column, Libraries Provide –
Countywide!, the last weekend of the month. Contact McCusker at 541-276-6449, or visit…-

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