National Family Literacy Day

National Family Literacy Day® is celebrated on November 1st each year and is a kickoff to National Family Literacy Month. This November, the celebration of National Family Literacy Month brings about a great opportunity for families to get back into the tradition of reading as a family.

For many, the love for books starts at an early age in the stories our parents read to us. Providing our children with plentiful opportunities to listen to stories will help them learn to read and comprehend stories on their own. They also begin to think more actively as they listen to stories and picture the scenes described, wondering how the story will develop. When read to frequently, children can grow to love reading and will take the initiative to read more on their own.

Here are ways you can promote family literacy at home:

  1. Set aside time each day for reading.
  2. Keep books visible around the house.
  3. Make regular visits to the library.
  4. Read the book version of your child's favorite movie.

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