Governing Documents

Board By-Laws

Strategic Plan

Budget related

FY 2019-20 Adopted Budget:

FY 2019-20 Budget Calendar (PDF)

FY 2018-19 Adopted Budget:

FY 2018-19 Budget Calendar (PDF)


UCSLD Agreement for Library Services, effective through June 30, 2019 (in 4 parts following):

UCSLD Agreement for Library Services, effective July 1, 2019 (in 4 parts following):

UCSLD Priorities for Program and Service Delivery - reviewed 6/23/11 (PDF)

Oregon Revised Statutes (related to Special Districts & Libraries)

Oregon Revised Statutes, chapter 198 - Special Districts Generally

Oregon Revised Statutes, chapter 244 - Government Ethics

Oregon Revised Statutes, chapter 357 - Libraries; Archives; Poet Laureate


Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse Policy - adopted 2/19/15 (PDF)

Sage Library System Standardized Loan Rules with Locally Discretional UCSLD Rules - updated 9/27/10 (PDF)

UCSLD as Fiscal Agent Policy 1/19/17 (PDF)

UCSLD Discriminatory Workplace Harassment Policy - adopted 12/14/17 (PDF)

UCSLD District Patron Card Moving Policy (PDF)

UCSLD Financial Management Policy - adopted 2/15/18 (PDF)

UCSLD Loss Control Program - reviewed/updated 11/16/17 (PDF)

UCSLD Oregon Ethics Law Policy - adopted 8/18/16 (PDF)

UCSLD Policies & Procedures Manual - last rev. 1/23/17 (PDF)

UCSLD Power & Duties of the Board Policy - adopted 5/18/17 (PDF)

UCSLD Public Meeting Policy - approved 1/21/16 (PDF)

UCSLD Public Records Policy - approved 1/21/16 (in several parts):

UCSLD Staff use only:

UCSLD Surplus Property Disposal Policy - reviewed & updated 3/15/18 (PDF)

UCSLD Whistleblower Policy - adopted 10/20/16 (PDF)

Volunteer Policy 06/20/13 (PDF)