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Libraries Provide - Countywide! July 27, 2019 - EO Column

Stanfield PL - Free Summer Lunch Program picture

Stanfield library provides welcome atmosphere

The Stanfield Public Library serves as a site for the Free Summer Lunch Program.
Photo contributed by Cecili Longhorn


The Umatilla County Special Library District (UCSLD) works in partnership with 11 public libraries in Umatilla County. The wonderful thing about the UCSLD library partners is that you can use any of them with your home library card.

This month, I am highlighting the Stanfield Public Library. Library director Cecili Longhorn answered questions about her library and told about many of their wonderful events.

Tell me about your library: The Stanfield Public Library is a small library located in west Umatilla County. The library locally serves our community of just under 3,000 people. There are currently three staff members, library director Cecili Longhorn and two assistant librarians, Debbie Baros and Kathryn Wall. We all enjoy being active in our community. We provide a friendly and welcoming experience for all who visit the library.

What services do you provide? The Stanfield Public Library provides resources, information, materials and events. The library creates a family-friendly environment and brings new experiences and opportunities to our community. We also pride ourselves on our community involvement and try to partner with various organizations like the local fire department, the public school, the police department, the city’s public works, local farmers, our Head Start, businesses and the list goes on and on. We are always looking for new ideas and opportunities to enrich our services for our community.

What is the Stanfield Public Library’s vision of the future? We plan to continue updating our library, including adding a public meeting/event room that will also share a bit of our community’s history. The city of Stanfield agrees that there is a community need for this space and is discussing options and ideas. I believe this would be a huge asset for our community.

What are your current and upcoming events? The Stanfield Public Library is completing our final week of the Summer Reading and Free Summer Lunch programs. The daily, seven-week Summer Reading Program offers the following activities and events: Dance with Debbie Day, Story Time, Story Walks, Crafts and a Free Lunch Program for kids.

The Library also hosted evening events for families: an OMSI program, the Traveling Lantern Theatre Company, the Museum of Natural and Cultural History and a Family Rocket Night.

All of the activities are free thanks to the State Library of Oregon’s Ready to Read Grant, the Oregon Department of Education and Hunger Free Oregon. Local businesses, such as Java Junkies, the Main Street Market, Dairy Queen, Umatilla County Fair, Bellinger Farms, Broken Barrel, Walmart, AWS, Umatilla County Fire District #1 and more have all stepped up to help make these programs possible.

Throughout the year we host many other events, such as Trucks and Tractors in the Park, weekly Story Times, Movies in the Park, Santa’s Workshop, a Book Club, the Haunted Library, a Family Story Time and more. If you are ever looking for something to do, stop in and see what is coming up at the Stanfield Public Library.


Erin McCusker is the district director of the Umatilla County Special Library District. Read her column, Libraries Provide – Countywide!, the last weekend of the month. Contact McCusker at 541-276-6449 or ().

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July 2019 Libraries Provide – Countywide! EO column

Libraries Provide – Countywide!

By Erin McCusker, District Director, Umatilla County Special Library District

As I begin this column about the Umatilla County Special Library District and our partner libraries, I find the refrain, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…”  running through my mind.  So, let us begin…!

The Umatilla County Special Library District is a special taxing district established by a 1986 vote of the people that includes all of Umatilla County, with the exception of the city of Hermiston.  Our mission:

“The UCSLD works in partnership with our libraries to advance and make available excellent library services, programs and continuing education opportunities for all.”

Our partner libraries are the 10 public libraries and one public/school library within the County:  Adams, Athena, Echo, Helix, Milton-Freewater, Pendleton, Pilot Rock, Stanfield, Ukiah Public/School Library, Umatilla and Weston.  We contract with Hermiston to provide access to our residents in the rural Hermiston area.

The district office is in Pendleton.  In addition to myself, there are two additional staff members who support excellent library services and early literacy development in Umatilla County. 

The district supports our partner libraries by providing several services for every library.  Each library can meet the needs of their individual community while also being available to serve everyone in the county.  In the coming articles, I’ll tell you more about the district, the libraries, and the services and programs that are available to all in Umatilla County! 

The biggest program of the year that our libraries provide for the community is the Summer Reading Program.  Not only is the Summer Reading Program for youth, helping them to retain and grow their reading and literacy skills over the summer; it is for adults as well. 

This year’s theme is A Universe of Stories and the libraries have a full slate of events.  Below is a list of just a few events happening around the District – see each library’s website for more programs and further details:


Traveling Lantern Theater Group

11 AM




Celebrate your love for Star Wars through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities

11 AM



Shoot for the Moon!

11 AM



Wine and Art

6 PM



The OMSI Planetarium

11 AM & 1 PM



Moon Landing Party

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing at a special after-hours party at the Library

6 PM



Astronomy Then to Now

Andrea K. Dobson, Whitman College Chair of the Department of Astronomy, will talk about the moon landing, what we’ve learned about the moon since, and careers in science

2 PM



Kupenga Marimba

An evening of marimba in the park!  Family friendly and free.

6 PM



Moon Landing Party

See footage of the moon landing, dress up in your 1969 best and enjoy fun 60s themed appetizers

7 PM



Astronaut Camp

11:30 AM


Enjoy this year’s Summer Reading Program – A Universe of Stories - held at your local library in the Umatilla County Special Library District. 

If you have questions, the library is a very good place to start!  Find more information at

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The Umatilla County Special Library District works in partnership with our libraries to advance and make available excellent library services, programs and continuing education opportunities for all.


We believe libraries strengthen communities through individual, family, economic and community development. Libraries are integral parts of the infrastructure and critical to the livability and economic development of the region. The UCSLD is an essential partner with local governments to ensure the communities of Umatilla County have access to 21st century programs and services.


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